House and lot for sale Manila

House and lot for sale Manila – Tips in buying affordable house and lot in Manila

House and lot for sale Manila

Buying the perfect home in Metro Manila is tough because there are lots of properties to choose from. As we all know Metro Manila is the center for trade and commerce since the pre-Spanish period. It is part of National Capital Region (NCR), the seat of the government. Metro Manila is the center of culture, economy, education and government of the Philippines.Thinking of owning a property is a solid asset that is worthy of your investment. However, buying a new house can be thrilling and frightening at the same time. Here are the things to consider House and lot for sale Manila – tips in buying affordable house and lot in Manila.

1.  Budget. There are lots of things to consider in buying a new home and the first thing to contemplate is your budget. Your dream home will be lost if you can’t afford it. Remember that you will make a big purchase only at least once in your lifetime and it should decide carefully on where to put your hard-earned money and savings. Choose a house that has a smart layout with spaces that you need and made of quality materials.

2.  Location. Accessibility to important basic and leisure establishments like school-, hospital, church, government offices, fire and police stations, malls and supermarkets. Consider the time you will save in commuting as it should be near airport and transportation terminals.

You should also check if the location is flood-free and far from fault lines in House and lot for sale Manila. With this you can spare your family from the effects of natural disasters.

Open communication lines and internet access is a must and is an essential thing to check. Good internet signal is best for online searches and better yet if you decide to work from home.

3.  Neighborhood. You are going to live in the area quite few years, so it is important to research on your friendly neighborhood. Being aware of the local laws as most of them has their own bylaws that they follow. Like park restrictions, pet ownership and garbage collection schedules etc.

Consider the other families living next to your home will be your kid’s playmate or classmate at school and will grow up as friends.

4.  Security. Ensure that you and your family is staying in a secured and safe community. Check if it is a gated subdivision with round-the-clock security and security cameras in place to help you sleep well at night and secured whenever you leave your house for a vacation.

The best way to know the information about neighborhood crime is to call the local police department and they should have the information about the crime prevention, community policing, numbers of crimes and more.

5.  Amenities. It is the bonus feature when you buy a house in subdivisions and townhouses that homeowners love. The Clubhouse, swimming pool, playground, gym, basketball court, park and a lot more are added to attract more home investors.

Of course, don’t forget to check your own home’s amenities whether it is Bare, Unfurnished, Semi-furnished or Fully furnished you still need to double-check the physical look of it.

Bare, nothing in it aside from the main door. Floors are just concrete and no tiles. No paint on the walls and ceiling, no internal doors and no electrical wirings. The kitchen and bathroom is concrete stage.

Unfurnished, check the doors, floorings (tiles, wood or laminated), painted walls & ceiling, fitted kitchen cabinet & sink, Bathroom fixtures (sink, shower, wc), internal doors, electrical wirings and outlets. Some has air-conditioning units as well.

Semi-furnished, you can check the additional things added in the unit like how many air conditionings installed, is there a water heater in the bathroom, what appliances inside (ref, washing machine, stove, range hood, oven), what furniture is added (couch, sofa, bed, side tables), curtains and television.

Fully furnished, the unit is complete of everything. Everything you need is readily available in the unit and you can live in it. Air-conditioning units, water heater for bathrooms, all appliances in the kitchen, beds with pillows, complete set of sheets and comforter, curtains for all windows, cooking utensils, cutlery, glassware, pots and pans, TV, wardrobe, dining set, couch & chairs and washing machine.

6.  Reliable Developer. There are a lot of real estate developer but very few is true to their promise in providing affordable, quality and innovative house for a modern lifestyle. You don’t want to end up with a company that cannot deliver on time. Make sure to assess carefully the company qualifications and their past projects to ensure that you are investing your money to a trusted developer.

Knowing the reputation of the property developer from which you are planning to buy your home is a must. Checking the track record of the real estate developer is a good start so that you won’t worry that you are investing your money to waste. You are a keen observer and you are not just amazed with how easy their payment schemes, eye-catching model units, their wonderful sales talk, flowery words on how they are going to pamper you that you won’t have any second thoughts on investing in their properties.

Here are some ways we can check the legitimacy of a real estate company.

Website, it should be a professional website where you can check what the company is about, who is the owner, the companies contact information and the location of their physical office. It will also contain their completed and on-going projects and news about the company updates. Check for their awards and recognitions. Research for the company track record in buying House and lot for sale Manila.

Facebook page, it should be interactive and handled well. You can check the positive and the negative feedback’s of their investors. And remember to weigh the negative input vs the positive ones.

Legal documents, like the license to sell or the application for license to sell for each model of the house or project.

Financial Stability, if they are recognized by the government and contains company disclosures mandated by the Security and Exchange Commissions. 

Selecting and buying the right home is no easy task. Aside from wallet ready, you should be emotionally ready as you will choose a home where you will live for the rest of your life. Trust your intuition in deciding if a home is right for you. Make sure the you are getting a worthwhile investment.

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